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March 2018
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The mission of the Foreign Film Club is to select-well made films that present stories and viewpoints from a variety of countries in their native language, both as entertainment and as a means to widen our experience of various foreign cultures and also broaden our exposure and expand our information about the rest of the world.

Films presented at FFC are viewed and selected by a group of over 5 previewers who are men and women of diverse backgrounds.  Most DVDs date from about 2001 to present.  At least 4-5 films are rejected for every film which is finally chosen for the club.

Usually, a write up is distributed with each film with information about the country and its cinema history.  We also try to include short biographies about the director and main actors.

After the film, a discussion period is held to enhance your experience and allow you to express the opinions you formed about the film. This discussion may also answer questions you may have after viewing the film.

While films are chosen for the artistry of the many elements that go into making a memorable story, realism is usually a primary characteristic of foreign films.  In some cases, difficult and disturbing images are necessary to define characters and events.

Since most countries have violent periods, criminal elements, and dysfunctional families, some of our films will reflect the anguish produced by these events.

However, FFC does not choose films that gratuitously use sex, violence, profanity or gore to titillate and engage its members.   A good story has no need for that.

You will find our films interesting and thought-provoking.  However, with over 1,000 members, it is impossible to please everyone with every film.  We aim to provide movies that will please the greatest number of our members.

It is your responsibility to use review resources provided before seeing an FFC film.

Note:  The schedule for each FFC season as well as the FFC website provides a rating and brief review of films to be shown.  Additionally, there is a list of various movie review sites which can give you a thorough overview to help you decide if you want to see a particular film.

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